As a self-motivated and experienced professional with web development of strong back-end system integration, I can bring a diverse range of programming skills and management experience to your company. In my career, I also managed offshore-development and tested deliverables in quality.

・8+ years of extensive experience in Full Stack Development using Java
・Hands on experience on Automated Crawling system in AWS
・Comprehensive experience in creating/consuming RESTful API (JSON/SOAP)
・Java APIs expertise in configuring/deploying software on SpringBoot
・Extensive experience in Agile development environments
・Strong verbal and written communication skills in English

Technical Skills

Java8 years
SpringBoot4 years
RESTful API4 years
JSON/SOAP4 years
Selenium1 year
Struts4 years
Python1 year
PHP2 years
Tomcat4 years
JSP4 years
Thymeleaf1 year
AWS (EC2, S3, Redis, SQS, Lambda)1 year
jQuery1 year
MySQL7 years
Oracle Database5 years
PostgreSQL2 years
SQLServer1 year
Redis2 years
S31 year
MyBatis1 year
<Development Environment>
GitHub2 years
CI/CD1 year
Agile4 years
Scrum1 year
Salesforce1 year
TextMining1 year
Heroku1 year
Tableau1 year

Latest Projects


Crawling & Scraping system for EC services

Developed a system to automatically gather products' information from numerous EC site pages.

Analysing HTML structure and normalized it to crawl ten millions of product pages of various EC sites over the world, the system can regularly store and update attributes of products such as price, delivery date, stock, products description and category into database. Customer can extract necessary information from the DB and utilize for their marketing.

Past project: Create from scratch, 1 years to release
Team: 10 members
EC sites: 13 over the world
Technology: AWS(Lambda,SQS,Redis,EC2,S3,awslogs),node.js,Python,Java,Selenium,MySQL
My role: As a team member, I analysed HTML structure and developed crawler and scraper for one major EC site, using Java from almost scratch.

Providing and connecting data by API

System integration between various systems by generating/consuming APIs.

I was involved in many other projects to connect different architecture systems, by designing Restful APIs to remove the dependency on a particular technology while integrating systems.

Past projects: APIs for insurance, retail, e-commerce companies
Team: from 3 to 30 members
Technology: Java, Spring Boot, node.js, and so on
My role: As a team member, I specified data format which meets the requirements of system integration, and also implemented/tested/released programs.

System indegration using Salesforce

Small start of integration with minimum effort by connecting existing systems to Salesforce.

To use easier responsive CRM feature of Salesforce, created landing pages and product details pages on Salesforce for sales people. By sending part of their sales/customer/marketing data to Salesforce by batch program, it enabled the company to have a small start by integrating their existing system with Salesforce.

Past projects: Expanded Salesforce pages and integrated more data
Team: 3 members
Technology: Java, Salesforce, Mybatis
My role: As a team member, I faced the client to collect their requirements and designed the batch program, salesforce's objects/layout and released it.

Sales Support System

Showing graphs based on sales result and suggests tendency by using textmining.

This sales support system enables sales staff to login, check their sales results with graphs, as well as the average, highest achievement and enquiry texts from their customers. By importing enquiry results regularly, it can calculate the points of customer satisfaction and indicate what their sales activities have done.

Past project: Customization and supporting the system
Team: 3 members
Technology: Java, Struts, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Linux
My role: As a team lead, I gathered the requirements from our client to customize the system, and developed modules and also designed database logically and physically.

Inventory Management & Order System

Able to order materials that are automatically allocated and cut at the best proportion.

On the web-ordering system for B to B business, customers can browse various types of acrylic plates and order them. The back-end side logic of the system can automatically calculate the best way to allocate and cut the plates depending on the preferable size, amounts and types.

Past project: Customization of the existing system
Team: 3 members
Technology: ASP,HTML,CSS,PL/SQL,Oracle
My role: As a member under the supervision, I designed specification details and implemented business logic of calculation, allocation and transaction.


Start date:



  Contract, Project Base, Part-time or Internship

Advantages of hiring me:

  Able to customize or build systems by experienced developer at cheaper rates

My visa status:

  Student visa, able to work Full-time during summer break.

Let's have me in your team as a start to improve your systems.